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Welcome to the media page of Here you explore videos and media of various mining scale systems and payload management solutions. Mining Scale

Beyond just mining scales like wheel wheighers or conveyor belt scales, we showcase media of payload management systems used for various industrial applications.

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Walz Onboard Peoria IL | MINExpo International 2012

Check out this video that Walz Onbaord presented at MINExpo International 2012 in Las Vegas, NV!

Walz Scale | Payload Pro Management Systems

Walz Scale Payload Pro Management Systems help optimize mining operations in many different ways. One of the most advanced is the 3D scanning technology that determines the volume and material density of the contents in mining truck beds. The 3D scanner can interpret the data while the truck is in-motion, which makes evaluating payloads much more efficient. Learn how Payload Pro Management Systems by Walz Scale deliver a wealth of advantages for mining.

MINExpo International 2012 | Walz Scale Peoria IL

Check out this video that Walz Scale presented at MINExpo International 2012 in Las Vegas, NV! is an entity of Walz Scale, a global supplier of mining scales and industrial weighing equipment. Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved.