Wheel Load Weighers for Heavy-Duty Mining Applications

low profile wheel weighers for miningWheel load weighers (also known as truck axle scales or portable truck scales) are weighing platforms designed for heavy duty applications, especially mining and payload management. The design of wheel load weighers make heavy truck load weighing easy and effective, as they can accommodate a wide range of settings and weighing capacities.

Portable Wheel Weighers: Primary Features

Portable wheel weighers are designed to weigh efficiently and effectively. First off, their low profile platform allow trucks to be weighed to drive on top of them with much ease. This translates to faster weighing for mining operations that require to weigh hundreds of trucks per day.

portable wheel weighers

Not only are wheel weighers offered with a low profile design, but they are also slim enough to allow trucks to drive on top of them without an risks to the truck or scale system. To add to the convenience in weighing, most wheel load weigher scales feature removable ramps that are normally fitted to the sides to make it easy for the trucks to go across.

Portable load weighers are built of aluminum. This makes them light and gives them to strength to withstand heavy duty weighing. They are waterproof; they can operate in any area irrespective of the weather. You can use them in highly humid or rainy areas. They are also immune to the corrosion that results from rusting.

Many scale manufacturers have incorporated a weigh-in-motion feature to the wheel weighers to make the process of weighing more efficient. Trucks can now be weighed while driving at the speed of 3-5 mph. Seeing that the trucks do not come to a halt, this hastens the process of weighing. See the video below of Ag Weigh's portable truck scale system that offers in-motion weighing capabilities.

Benefits of Portable Wheel Load Weighers

wheel weigher terminal

Wheel weighers offer a myriad of benefits to the users. They have grown very popular among mining and agriculture industry applications. They are easy to handle and anyone can easily learn to use them. To efficiently get the correct reading, wheel weighers are fitted with a weighing terminal with a digital monitor. 

One of the major benefits that this weighing technology offers to users is portability. They can easily be transported from one place to another. Walz offers the portable load weighers with cases that enable easy transportation.

Most wheel load weigher suppliers understands that different industries and different companies use different configurations in weighing.

To this end, wheel weighers have been designed in such a way that their configurations can be changed. This comes handy as users can obtain weights without doing calculations. portable wheel load weigher

Portable wheel weighers seamlessly weigh vehicles in-motion or static. They can also be used to compile different weight data including axle weight as well as the total weight of the truck. Users can infuse a weighing terminal with the load weighers to provide more detailed data about the truck being weighed.

The beauty of the terminal is that it is portable and operates by the use of batteries. Wheel weighers work great on flat surfaces. Nevertheless, there are those that are built for off-road terrain. Lastly, portable wheel weighers are durable. Put simply, they save you time and money and work efficiently to give you accurate weights.


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