Walz Weighbridge Truck Scales for Mining Companies


Weighbridge Truck ScaleFrom the time of exploration to the time of disposition of materials, accuracy in weight data contributes to greater operational efficiency, effectiveness of control, lower overhead costs, and regulatory compliance. For mining companies, this elements are vital, and often depend on a solid, dependable truck scale system.

The heavy duty mining scales, such as weighbridge truck scales, are vital tools in ensuring payload accuracy for different types of mining applications. The use of modern technology and componentery in weighbridge truck scales has significantly benefited the mining industry in many ways. Walz Scale is one supplier of weighbridges and payload solutions that exceed the industry standard.

Weighbridges from Walz Scale

The weighbridge truck scales from Walz Scale are integrated with software and applications that are aimed at improving the accuracy. Such mining scales help a great deal in maintaining effectiveness in management of payloads. Effective management requires a high degree of accuracy, which can only be achieved through utilization of the advanced technologies. Advancement in technology has resulted in modern industrial weighing scales, characterized by accuracy and dependability.

weighbridge scale for mining

Some phases of mining operation require special weighing scales, equipped with advanced features to not only weigh, but also analyze the extracted materials accurately. Modern truck scales ensure effectiveness of the payload systems as the offer the critical data need to assess laod values. The data obtained from the weighing machine can be easily recorded and exported to via Walz Scale's Payload Pro software platform.

Features of Walz Scale Weighbridge Truck Scales

A Walz Scale is an industry leader with many weighbridge scale applications that are compatible with various industries. Walz systems are preferred by most users due to their custom-integrated weighbridges, reliable calibration services, and dependable support. The main features included in Walz Scale's weighbridge truck scales includes:

  • full platform design
  • multiple scale sizes available
  • heavy duty weighbridge design
  • MSHA approved designs
  • multiple capacities available
  • rental truck scales available
  • custom designed weighbridge scales available.

Walz Scale's weighbridges are common forms of track scales, which are applicable to different areas spanning from mining and agricultural production to shipping and logistic companies. The weighbridge truck scale system can optimize any weight operation for faster throughput and minimized risk of overload fees.

Walz weighbridge truck scales are made of still and can be used to weigh on-road or off-road vehicles. This kind of portable weighing scale is ideal for demolition, construction, gravel, sand, other operation that involve transportation. It includes different models that can be assembled in the factory and are easy to install or move.


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