5 Walz Scale Products That Can Dramatically Increase Throughout

Walz Scale is one of North America's most prolific suppliers of advanced scales weighing systems for mining companies. The company's truck scales and payload management solutions are state-of-the-art and use some of the weighing industry's most cutting-edge technology.

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Over the years, Walz Scale has released several game-changing products that have taken the mining industry to the next level. In this article, we highlight five of those products that have help miner dramatically increase throughput.

In-Motion Portable Truck Scales

in-motion portable truck scalesIn-motion portable truck scales are easily moved and installed just anywhere you need. They are good for a variety of settings, including mining weigh stations, as well as farming and construction applications. For instance, farmers can measure grain bins before they go to the market on the run. Whereas, miners can weigh pay loads quickly as haul trucks do not need to come to a dead stop to get weight measurements. The in-motion portable truck scale can accurately calculate load weight while trucks move a slow speed over the scale.

These are portable scales that can be easily carried anywhere from weigh site to weigh site. They have a heavy duty aluminum construction that allows them to withstand hard working conditions. The complete kit includes case for easy storing away and an integrated weight ticket printer to print out the results of every measurement. Payload Pros, a sister company of Walz Scale, offers these portable truck scales for rent. Learn more about Payload Pro's rental options.

On-board Truck Scales

on-board truck scale readout

On-board truck scales are well-known at accelerating the weighing process of haul trucks, semi trucks, and other mining vehicles. These on-board scale systems are integrated on the actual truck (thus "on-board") which adds a layer of convenience.

On-board truck scales are equipped with an easy-to-read, operator interface with LCD display which easily let's the operator know the current truck load weight, which is ultimately where the value comes into place. These advanced truck scale systems offer quick installation, and just by reading the manual, users are able to configure their trucks with this system.

In-Motion Rail Scales

These in-motion weigh scales, which are directly installed onto train tracks to weigh rail car loads, allow for heavy-duty weighing while loads are being transported to their destination. This is ideal for mining settings where the rail cars are used to transport coal, iron ore, and other extracted materials.

Although in-motion rail scale technology sounds complex, these are very convenient systems that are easily installable, reliable, and highly accurate. Rail scales help to ensure that all operations in any mining settings can work flawlessly and smoothly. These systems from Walz Scale are also portable, so they can moved from one train track to another.

Weighbridge Truck Scales

weigbridge walz scale

Weighbridge truck scales offer a multiple of capacities for heavy-duty weighing needs. These are ideal to be placed in strategic crossings. There your trucks have to pass through and you can leverage this system to measure the current weight of your trucks.

Weighbridges are a very simple system that's intuitive to use, but not as easy to install compared to other truck scale systems. Weighbridge truck scales offer a centralized weighing system that feeds all measured data into your screen.

Load Scanner

The Walz Load Scanners is not actually a truck scale, but offers an efficient and more affordable alternative to determining load weight. The load scanner is able to scan the truck bed load as it passes under the laser reading system.

load scanner unit

The 3D image generated from the scanning process provides a volume measurement which can then be calculated into weight (with the right inputs of materials, etc.)

Regardless of the loads humidity or density, this system is highly advanced and able to differentiate the loads by its contents (e.g. sand, coal, iron ore, etc.) It is easy to install, low maintenance, and accurate in determining load weights. In short, the Walz Load Scanner system is revolutionary system that is replacing the need of most truck scales used in mining applications.

These advanced weighing systems from Walz Scale are among the top used by most companies in the industry. They help to speed-up the weighing and payload management processes through which mining companies around the country and the world are able leverage.


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