How Walz Scale Helps Mining Companies Dramatically Increase Throughput

Walz Scale recently introduced one of the most advanced payload scanner systems that can help mining companies dramatically increase payload management throughout and significantly reduce costs. load volume scanner unit

The laser-generated 3D scanner technology has proved to be highly accurate and capable of producing precise volume measurements and weight calculations. In short, the goal beyond Walz Scale was to engineer cutting edge system that can assist mining companies with their payload operations by eliminating the need to use costly and cumbersome truck scale systems. As a result, the company has made an even bigger name in the resource extraction industry by offering the most effective and efficient means to determine the value of their work.

Next-Level Productivity

Unlike other Walz truck scale products, the line of 3D scanners are more affordable and easy to install on almost any mining site. The scanner units can either be fixed permanently or temporarily so that users can move them to specific weighing points.

The 3D scanning system also helps to reduce labor costs by automating work that would otherwise have necessitated additional workforce to complete. As a result, mining companies can save both cost-effectively and more efficiently through their operations.

data load scanWith the 3D load scanners from Walz, truck loads are calculated within the shortest possible time (while trucks are in motion) thereby enabling quick and reliable extraction of load data. The scanners also help in eliminating resource wastage since load spillage and extra truck bed space could be easily identified, enabling companies to pinpoint strategies to reduce wastage and maximize the load volume of each truck bed.

The system has also encourage increased efficiency and reliability since the scanners are optimized and tailored to meet the needs of the customer. They are also flexible and durable thus reducing the cost that could have been spent in installing, maintaining and managing other mining scale systems.

Seamless Calibration. Unmanned Use.

As for the working order of the 3D volumetric load scanner system, empty trucks drive under the scanner unit to calculate total volume of the truck bed. Once this benchmark is integrated in the software, the same trucks (once loaded) can then drive under the scanner to get an accurate 3D volume reading.

empty load scanner

This volumetric data can then be converted into weight with specific inputs telling the system precisely what the load contents are comprised of. A printable ticketing system is also integrated for tracking and billing.

loaded load scan truck bed

The 3D scanners can also be applied and integrated to other types of equipment, such as conveyor belts. These scanners provide seamless and accurate performance that require little maintenance by mining team. When problems do arise, the equipment is typically easy to troubleshoot, thus reducing wasted downtime costs as well as other maintenance costs.


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