The Top Load Scanner for Mining Operations

An accurate and dependable load scanner can be mining operators best friend. Enabling users to better manage and track haulage assets, load scanner systems are paramount for effective payload management in the mining industry. volumetric load scanner

In this article, we delve into the highly-rated, top load scanner system for mining companies. That is, the best-in-class Volumetric Load Scanner developed by Walz Scale.

The Volumetric Load Scanner by Walz Scale

The Volumetric Load Scanner is unlike other forms of load scanning technology. This tool delivers a powerful means to accurately calculate load volumes without weighing metrics and other costly technologies.

Designed specifically for cost-sensitive mining operations, the Volumetric Load Scanner can be easily equipped to virtually any application or payload management process. To get a glimps of the system in action, check out the video below.

The load scanner system by Walz Scale generates high definition 3D images of the load. These 3D images enable operators to manage truck loads and track details like: load position, material compaction, spillage and carry back monitoring.

Tracking & Reporting Capabilities

The Volumetric Load Scanner is integrated with Walz Scale's Payload Pro Operating System. This computer platform (which can be used on a number of devices) provides real-time data, allowing operators to leverage the tools necessary to manage their truck loads. Volume Load Scanner Software

Additionally, users can take advantage of custom reporting features with the Volumetric Load Scanning System. Load tickets can be automatically generated, printed, emailed or uploaded to your web-based account (cloud).

To learn more about Volumetric Load Scanner by Walz Scale, click here to view the page on this product.


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