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Dynamic, In-Motion, Portable Truck Scales for Mining

portable truck scalePayload weighing for mining operations thrives when throughput and efficiency are maximized. This is exactly what the portable truck scales from Walz set out to achieve. These highly-advanced truck scales are dynamic systems that offer an array of incredible features that put all other portable weighing systems to the wayside.

Because weighing capacity is a primary consideration for mining companies investing in truck scales, portable systems are often disregarded to their limitations as to how much they can weigh. Walz Scale has gone above and beyond to offer a series of portable truck scales that offer weighing capacities ranging from 45 tons to 110 tons. As a result, mining operators can leverage the benefits of portable truck scales without the worry of such limitations.

AXW-Series of Portable Truck Scales

The AXW-Series of portable truck scales are some of the most advanced systems for mining companies. Cultivating a reputation as some of the best and most efficient truck scale systems, the AXW-Series features a number of options, including the AXW-30 series, AXW-45 series, AXW-95 series, and AXW-110 series of scale systems.

Each model can be clearly defined by it's name: the AXW-45 series has weighing capacity of 45 tons while the AXW-95 and AXW-110 offer weighing capacities of 95 tons and 110 tons respectively. These features alone are what make these portable truck scales far superior compared to those of other truck scale suppliers.

In-Motion Weighing Capabilities

In addition to offering high-capacity weighing to meet the needs of most mining companies, the portable truck scales from Walz offer also dynamic, in-motion weighing capabilities. These advanced portable weighing scales allow operators to accurately weigh trucks as they pass over the scale unit as speeds of about 3 MPH.

This feature drastically helps accelerate throughput and efficiency, which is paramount to any high-volume mining operation. Already common in farming and agricultural sectors (per the video below), in-motion portable truck scales can provide the ultimate wheel weigher scale for advanced weighing needs.

Extreme Heavy-Duty Design

dynamic portable truck scalesThe base material for constructing these in-motion portable weighing scales is the structural steel of high strength and durability. This makes their performance robust even under extreme conditions. The weighing pads are completely waterproof making it favorable to work under any conditions. They are capable of providing the total vehicle weight with easier portability.

The portable truck scales by Walz are provided with removable lightweight ramps which facilitates allowance of simple access of the scale pads and brighter alert for the drivers visually. The ramps are easily handled and their installation and removal is done with ease. The provision of rechargeable battery that is built-in allows extended hours of the scale operation.

The integral printer and kiosk system allows the printing of total vehicle weight and individual axle weight almost immediately. The weight is also displayed with the LCD backlight display, making the reading clear and measurements are taken easily.

heavy-duty portable truck scales

The integrated software allows users to track a multitude of data like vehicle weight, payload weight, tire load data and tire pressure monitoring, which can be managed in a single database. The load analysis tools that's integrated on these advanced portable axle scales help in identifying accurate volume carried and manage the payload.

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