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The Most Advanced Portable Weighing Scales for Heavy-Duty Trucks and Mining Vehicles

Mining operators can benefit with the use of cutting-edge portable weighing scales to measure and track payloads. Today, more advanced truck scale system are able to boost day-to-day operations, while helping to speed-up the process of load management and ensure more accurate weight measurements necessary for profitability.

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Among the different portable weighing scales for mining trucks, below are three of the most advanced options that are highly recommended by industry leaders.

1. AXW-95 In-Motion Axle Scale

As of one of the most groundbreaking technologies, the AXW-95 In-Motion Axle Scale from Walz Scale delivers in-motion weighing capabilities. This refers to the measurement and recording of axle and load weights as vehicles are moving over the scale system at slow speeds.

With Walz Scale's AXW-95 In-Motion Axle Scale, you can weigh vehicle axles of up to 110 tons. It is extremely useful for weighing of huge off-road trucks and other vehicles even when you're in the field. Not only are you assured of topnotch heavy-duty performance and durability with its high strength structural steel assembly but this construction is also lightweight, allowing you to bring it with you during field operations.

Moreover, this portable truck weighing scale is equipped with waterproof weighing pads that come in handy in various weather conditions. It also includes removable ramps to help alert drivers and provide easy access of scale pads.

2. AXHD Axle Scales

You will surely find great use as well for the AXHD Axle Scales from Walz Scale, as these heavy-duty scales are not just efficient and hard-wearing but also manageable and compact. They are actually designed to enable you to use several peripheral components. From huge weight displays to digital weight terminals to handy driver kiosk systems, you leverage the AXHD Axle Scales for a wide range of valuable features.

If you are looking for the best axle scales in the market, these will surely deliver. These axle weight scales are designed for tough conditions, made with long-lasting, top quality carbon steel and epoxy paint. Industry experts will certainly vie for their remarkable performance and unparalleled accuracy.

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Furthermore, these are also highly usable off-road without the need for a concrete base. Thus, the scales can be utilized even on gravel foundations or sheer land or earth surfaces.

They are also armed with removable ramps for added convenience and for allowing you to weigh vehicles even without stopping. And the weight terminal that is also included is bound to enhance portable operation and competence of the axle scales.

3. Walz Load Scanner

Loading management operations would not be the same without the advanced load scanning technology of the Walz Load Scanner. This revolutionary system is not actually a weigh scale, but is a great alternative to use for scanning and calculating your load volume which can then be converted into weight metrics. This modern volumetric scanning system can facilitate easy handling and use, enhanced portability, and increased speed and accuracy of producing weight measurements.

Walz Load Scanner System complete

This load scanner is also ideal for mining companies that demand in-motion weighing operations. It's a simple and easy-to-install solution for your load weighing needs, and it provides the best alternative to the usual truck scales. In short, the load scanner system significantly helps in optimizing the productivity and efficacy of your regular operations while also taking data analysis several notches higher.

With the Walz Load Scanner, you can even view high definition 3D images of your truck loads to troubleshoot distribution inefficiencies. Additionally, you can take advantage of the integrated software called Payload Pro Operating System which is useful for easy, quick, and correct monitoring, tracking, and managing of load scan data. For more information about the Walz Load Scanner system, visit

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These highly advanced portable weighing scales or load scanning systems will definitely take your operations to the next level. Investing in such beneficial devices is bound to improve your business significantly.


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