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3 Types of Mining Truck Scales by Walz Scale

For mining companies and resource extraction operations, weighing payloads is a vital component to profitability. Various mining truck scales are used to maximized efficiency and productivity, all the while ensuring accuracy of payload weight and streamlining the payload management process.

mining truck scales

Walz Scale, parent company of, has a dedicated branch of it's company specifically for mining truck scales. The branch is called Walz Mining, and below we share three powerful mining truck scales featured on Walz Mining. These systems can be revolutionary in advancing a mining operation to the next level.

Articulated Mining Truck Scales

Mining site operators looking to minimize transportation costs and optimize efficiency can benefit from articulated mining truck scales. As the name implies, articulated truck scales are primarily integrated on articulated trucks which are used for hauling and other specialized mining operations. They are often utilized to reduce the number of trips required to transfer loads and materials, so integrating scales on these types of mining trucks can take one step out of the equation. Additionally, mining companies can save on fuel costs with articulated mining truck scales as well as minimize bottlenecks involved with weighing loads using a different or external scale system.

Underground Mining Truck Scales underground truck scales

Underground mining truck scales are extremely advantageous for mining operations that involve extensive underground operations. These types of mining truck scales are designed measure load weight while transferring materials from the resource extraction site to the next stage of the process. In other word, these are in-motion truck scales that are integrated as onboard scales (able to measure load content while on the truck, with no external scale system). In short, underground mining truck scales offer incredible investment of mining operations below ground.

Haul Truck Scales

Perhaps the most popular and functional mining truck scale is the haul truck scale from Walz. With the haul truck scale, operators can weigh loads while the truck is in-motion. Additionally, this heavy-duty truck scale system is extremely accurate and can be integrated with the "DW-2" scale monitoring system for production mangement. This versatile mining truck scale is a sound solution for all types of mining companies and can be integrated on a number of different haul trucks.

The primary advantage behind these types of mining truck scales for sale is that they can take one extra step out of the weighing process. These scale systems significantly help optimize mining site operations by enabling operators to weigh loads while on the truck, while it's in motion. Coupled with Walz Scale's payload management software, a mining company can realize a wealth of benefits and further streamline its weighing operation.


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