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Walz Wheel Loader Scales for Miners

For mining trucks and vehicles that carry payloads, determining the weight that is being carried is a crucial metric that demands precise and efficient measuring. On-board weighing systems are one of the best systems in determining such critical load weights.

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On-board weighing scales are weighing systems that are integrated directly onto the chassis of trucks, loaders, load bearing equipment and other hauling vehicles. In short, on-board scales measure the weight of the loads without the need of any external measuring systems. on-board weighing system display

For example, with wheel loaders, on-board weighing systems they're installed seamlessly onto the chassis of loaders with a digital display interface placed in the driver’s cab.

Walz On-board Weighing Systems

Walz Scale is global supplier of railway scales, truck scales, wheel loader scales, and industrial weighing equipment for several different industries. They are an industry leader in selling on-board weighing scales for the various industry applications including mining.

Besides wheel loaders, haul trucks and other load bearing vehicles typical in the mining industry, on-board weighing systems can be easily integrated on a number of different applications, such as conveyor belt weighing systems and skid loader scales.

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As global industry leader in heavy duty truck scales and precision weighing systems for a broad range of industrial equipment and vehicles, Walz Scale offers a broad variety of wheel loader scales for miners in mining operations and other numerous applications including agricultural producers. These wheel loader scales supplied by Walz Scale are engineered to optimize the efficiency and payload management process for many users.

Why Wheel Loader Scales Are a Win

Walz Wheel loader scales offer on-board weighing for advanced throughput, improved efficiency, and seamless use. Any mining company that invests in on-board weighing systems for wheel loaders can leverage the several benefits over the conventional models.

One, they're highly precise thanks to the ultra sensitive nature of the loads cells. That is one of the reasons the Walz Scale wheel weighers are some of the most popular options on wheel loader scale market today.

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Unlike the static scale models, installing and operating these scale units is pretty simple; all you need is to set them up in a somewhat flat surface, which should only take you a few minutes. These scales have low maintenance requirements, are field serviceable and usually water proof, which means that they can be used even at areas where harsh weather is a concern. In remote places, they can be operated through batteries.

Since the system is typically installed on the vehicle's frame, these wheel loader systems are convenient to use and take the measurements quickly whilst the mining trucks are in motion. The data that is collected is in a clear and accurate manner and so the user’ records the exact weight carried.

Besides, the use of wheel loader systems help mining companies to lower overall operating costs, increase operational effectiveness, reduce their maintenance costs, increase the ROI for a truck fleet and boost production and maximizes the payload.

How Walz Wheel Loader Systems Works

These on-board weighing systems work using mounting sensors installed between the chassis and the axle of the vehicles, trucks or equipment. The load sensor system in vehicles will measure spring deflection whenever the vehicle, or truck is loaded, and the load weight can then be instantly measured and derived.

A look at the cab mounted read out digital display tells the mining operator the load weight. That is measured through an electronic cell, applying strain gauge technology into the overall truck scale system. The cell is temperature repaid and requires minimum maintenance.

This makes it easy for the operators to record and assess these important metrics, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and data management. These loading scales for miners can be integrated with specialized software for both payload and production management.

Types of Wheel Loader Scales

Walz wheel loader scales come with different designs depending on the weighing operations or application requirements. With the proper configuration, they can be integrated on almost any make and model loader. These systems also come with many different options which include certain features and benefits.

For instance, the on-board wheel loader scales from Walz com in three primary types:

  • WK50 Wheel Loader Scale - is the most advanced of the three wheel loader scales. This ultimate loader scale facilitates the management and tracking of productivity. It incorporates optional interfaces for devices like modems, USB drives and WiFi radio for communication.
  • WK50S Wheel Loader Scale - Is a less advanced version of the WK50. It offers dynamism in application as it can function while trucks are stationary or in motion, thus boosting productivity and attesting to its versatility. It's easy to install, both on field or off the field.
  • WK50XS Wheel Loader Scale - the least advanced version of the three wheel loader scales and the most affordable.

These on-board weighing systems for loaders offer mining operators with advanced throughput, a seamless weighing process, and improved efficiency. The integral aspects regarding the individual wheel loader scales is the robust application durability because of the adoption of a patented sensor in the three scales, ease of use, and provision of a perfect interface for data input.

The Ideal Weighing System for Miners

With the heavy duty wheel loader scales from Walz Scale, you'll be certain that you can get a perfect loader weighing system whenever acquiring these products. They prove to be crucial tools for weighing loads of mined materials as well as extracted resources and payload management.

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Offering great efficiency as well as versatility for use on several different vehicles and pieces of equipment, on-board weighing systems are a form of truck scale technology which serves many functions.

In addition to a broad product offering, Walz Scale is top rated global on-board weighing scale supplier you can trust, particularly when acquiring the customer support and calibration services you many require during and after your purchase.

They have one of the biggest global service and support organizations among on-board truck scales as well as specific mining truck scales and related industry applications. For more information on wheel loader scale specifications, applications, and pricing, please view the complete offering of wheel loader scales at Walz Scale.

3 Leading Load Weight Management Systems for Mining Companies

Mining companies depend on accurate, heavy duty loading weight management systems. This is because the payloads carried by mining trucks need to be weighed properly to ensure these loads are accurately valued (which determines the profitability of a mining operation.)Load Management Weighing System

There are different types of load weight management systems and different types offer different features. This gives mining companies the opportunity to choose the particular weighing systems that will best meet their requirements. To choose the ideal system, mining companies need to know the features of the different systems and how they work.

The truck payload management systems we mention below use modern technology which makes them more efficient and accurate compared to traditional means of load management. Here are the three leading systems than can benefit mining companies engaged in extensive payload management operations.

Load Volume Scanner

The newly-emerging load volume scanner system is an in-motion solution that is fast, highly accurate and simple to use. Being an in-motion system means that it is able to give accurate measurements even when the truck is moving. This particular system uses the latest laser scanner technologies to take the volume measurements of loads and convert them into weight metrics that are easily understandable.

load scanner volume system

Users of this system can view high definition 3D images of the loads and their measurements, making carry-back monitoring easy. The system is also compatible with almost all computers and mobile devices therefore making it very convenient to use. It is also cost effective because it is easy to install and it requires minimal repairs for it is made in a way that it can withstand rough usage without getting damaged. The load volume scanner system is also one of the most accurate systems where it gives results in metrics.

The load volume scanner offers components which allow the data to be accessed remotely in real time using computers and mobile devices. Mining companies using the truck load scanner system get to choose from the different options available where they can set the system to suit their needs.

Portable Axle Scales & Wheel Weighers

Portable weighing systems, such as axle scales and wheel weighers, are also ideal for mining companies that need to get the weight carried by their trucks in an accurate and convenient manner. Unlike most other systems, portable wheel load weighers captures the weight of every individual axle and also the gross weight of the truck. This gives the mining companies using this system ability to get more accurate data.

Weigh-in-motion axle scales and wheel weighers do not require the trucks to stop since it is an in-motion design that can read calculations of trucks driving over the scale at slow speeds of 3-5MPH. These portable truck load scales are simple to operate where users just need to follow the simple instructions that it comes with. Furthermore, the system is easy to install where it can be installed and used on the same day. This is further complimented by the fact that it is made for tough assignment and therefore it is suitable even for the toughest mining operations.

Onboard Weighing Systems

onboard weighing systemsAny mining company using onboard weighing systems can leverage a number of benefits. Because the weighing system is installed on the vehicle's frame, onboard systems are very convenient to use and can take the measurements quickly while mining trucks are in motion. Onboard weighing systems all the data collected in a clear manner and as a result users get to know the exact weight carried.

Furthermore, some onboard weighing systems track fuel consumption therefore making it easier to manage the truck and get optimum benefits. The data is usually very accurate and this is facilitated by the use of some of the latest technologies to make this system maximally efficient. Therefore, mining companies can easily get the most suitable truck scaling system just by comparing the outlined weight management systems.


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