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Conveyor Belt Scale For Optimized Mining Operations

In various mining-related industries, a conveyor belt scale can offer one of the most significant assets for the payload measurement and management process. Since most mining operations involve the relocation of resources and materials from the extraction point to a final load stage, weighing efficiency is a key objective.

Conveyor Belt Scale

For improved production and throughput during the relocation and weighing process, a conveyor belt scale system offers an effective alternative. Compared to static weighing scales, conveyor belt scales allow in-motion weighing of materials during the relocation process. This takes eliminates one cumbersome step from the process, helping mining companies establish a more cost-efficient operation.

Features of Pfeundt Conveyor Belt Scales for MiningConveyor Belt Scales

Pfeundt conveyor belt scales offer a wide range of features. In addition to providing exceptional accuracy, mining operations can take advantage of:

  • Simple and fast set-up and easy to use operation
  • Optimized internal data memory that stores daily totals
  • Modular construction for optimal accuracy and minimal
  • Easy to use illuminated display interface
  • Target weight input and relay for target comparisonsbelt scale

Pfeundt conveyor belt scale systems provides highly accurate measurements by leveraging an advanced system that considers conveyor belt speeds, wheel weights, and other variables. These systems offer incredible value to mining companies and other industrial-based applications.

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