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On-board Loader Scales Offer Efficient Solutions for Mining Companies

On-board loader scales are the ultimate tool to improve the overall output and efficiency of your mining company's payload management process. Walz Scale offers a variety of loader scales that work on-board virtually any wheel loader. Once installed, these advanced weigh scale systems can quickly and efficiently provide weight measurements of the vehicles load.

wheel loader scales on-board

The three different on-board loader scales we offer at Walz Scale are similar in nature, but each have their own specifications and level of capacity. No matter which model you choose, an on-board wheel loader scale from Walz Scale can help your mining operations increase throughput with accurate and timely load weight measurements.

1. WK50XS Wheel Loader Scale

This is our basic on-board loader scale and is a perfect choice for the miner who wants to calculate the weight of their loads at a very affordable price. The WK50XS is extremely easy to install, is durable and built to function in all working conditions.

mining loader scales

In addition to weighing loads, this wheel loader scale can track production over time. If you want to increase loading efficiency and better track your production, all for an affordable price, the WK50XS model is the perfect on-board loader scale for your company.

2. WK50S Wheel Loader Scale

The second loader scale in the line of wheel loader scales from Walz Scale offers all the advantages of the first, plus advanced data collection. Not only is the WK50S simple to use, accurate and durable but the added features are what make it truly unique.

loader scale installation

The WK50S provides volume calculations to further detail production efforts. Also, an 

optional printer means your operator can print custom tickets in any conditions. Finally, the USB drive capability makes transferring data from the loader scale to your office computer a simple task. With the WK50S, any mining company will receive all the qualities of a Walz loader scale, plus advanced data collection features.

3. WK50 Wheel Loader Scale

Our premium wheel loader scale is the WK50. This loader scale offers the most features for the ultimate in modern weight load management and tracking. The WK50 loader scale is fitted with a backlit LCD screen that offers perfect visibility during night and day.

on-board scale print out read out

For the most advanced data collection and management, the WK50 comes to you pre-loaded with functions. That means you can track customer records, driver records, customer records and more, immediately on arrival. Lastly, WK50’s come equipped with radio, USB and Modem communication ability. This means that communication of data across your site has never been easier or more efficient.

As a leader in on-board truck scales and precision weighing equipment, Walz Scale systems are the best in the mining business and can help any company interested in weight load management. Included in the price of all Walz loader scales is our service guarantee. We have local service offices throughout North America to offer support for all of our customers. In addition, our certified test weights are proven to keep all of our scales functioning accurately throughout the duration of their lives.

Do not wait any longer to improve and record the production of your mining business. Join the thousands of companies who have found the amazing results that our line of Walz on-board loader scales can offer. From affordability to advanced metrics to premium communications and data collection, Walz Scale makes a loader scale that offers efficient solutions for any mining company.



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