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In-Depth Look at Onboard Weighing Systems by PFREUNDT

As the golden standard for years in the mining industry, weighing payloads was done with an isolated scale system. Not only did having one scale (or a possibly several depending on the operation) cause inefficiencies in mining truck logistics, but such weighing systems were costly in many respects. Mining Scales

PFREUNDT is a company that has developed an ingenious form of weighing technology that's offered a modern solution. PFREUNDT specializes in mobile, onboard weighing systems or onboard truck scale technology which can integrated on various types of mining equipment (like conveyor belts, rope shovels, backhoe loaders, haul trucks, and more.) Once fitted on the truck or piece of equipment, PFREUNDT's onboard scale systems can measure the weight of each load while the unit is in-motion.

With the efficiencies gained from PFREUNDT technology, the payload weighing and management process can be both faster and cheaper for mining companies. Learn more below about PFREUNDT onboard weighing systems, or visit Walz Onboard a branch of our parent company Walz Scale uses PFREUNDT for its onboard scales.

Advantages of PFREUNDT Weighing Technology

PFREUNDT weighing technology offers numerous benefits for mining companies, in addition to other businesses in logistics, farming and agriculture. Below we go in-depth with the features and benefits of PFREUNDT systems.

Integrated Connectivity Onboard Weighing System

PFREUNDT weighing systems are often integrated with software platforms like Payload Pro Software or Yield Pro Software which is viewable on PC's, tablets, and other mobile devices. This enables easy web-based access to instantly monitor, track, and analyze data. Less advanced PFREUNDT systems can be equipped with basic digital monitor units that show measurements and other information.

Real Time Measurement

Meeting specific load weight objectives or being within certain limitations is better achieved with onboard weighing capabilities. Onboard systems eliminate the need for post-load correction as truck operators are able to view load measurement data in real time.

Save Money & Time

As previously mentioned, the weighing systems of the past incur higher expenses in many different ways. Large-scale mining sites that still operate with isolated scales have a lot to gain with onboard weighing technology. At the end of the day, users of PFREUNDT-based weighing systems can save a significant amount of time and money.

To learn more visit the website of PFREUNDT. Or visit the websites of Walz Scale and Ag Weigh (farming) for real world solutions using onboard weighing systems.


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