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Above Ground Truck Scales for Weighing Sites

Truck scales are long term investments and they can provide more than 25 years of dependable service if maintained properly. Regular cleaning, inspections and calibration will increase the lifespan of your scale, prevent losses from inaccurate weight transactions, and reduce costly repairs. In essence, for most companies, a truck scale is the real cash register.

Accurate and dependable truck scale is essential for performing weighing operations properly. Today, lots of manufacturers offer various different electronic and state-of-the-art truck scales. In fact, these above ground truck scales are equipped with varying capabilities and convenient dimensions. You can also select scales that use industry standard load cells and offer full electric design.above ground truck scales

Weighbridges are one of the most common forms of above ground truck scales; however, there are other forms of truck scales that are "above ground" but offer different advantages. Below we cover all forms of these above ground truck scale systems.

Advantages of Weighbridges

Reliable truck scales are essential for farmers, miners and other industry professionals because these scales are helpful for assessing the productivity and calculating the weight loads. But, weighing huge loads of products is not easy for high volume farmers, miners, etc. Therefore, the right truck scale systems are highly essential.above ground truck scale

In such cases, heavy duty weighbridge scales are helpful for these industrial applications. Consistency, accuracy and durability are the most important features of a good weighbridge. Various industry professionals with massive productivity have to weigh thousands of tons. Heavy duty weighbridge scales help to deal with massive production.

Heavy duty scales are highly effective when you measure loads, which can go even up to 100,000lbs. Besides, these types of truck scales provide most dependable service, so you can use them even for mining and other volume applications. Universal Scales Weight Equip of Walz, for example, is considered as the best heavy duty weighbridge that can provide you the most accurate weights.

Advancements in Weighbridge Truck Scales

Conventional weighbridges are cumbersome, large and often times inconvenient. So, these systems are quickly replaced with advanced weighing and scanning technology. Accuracy and efficiency must be the most important factors when you select heavy-duty weighing scales.

The assembly procedures of traditional scales are extremely demanding. Therefore, weighbridge truck scales often require frequent calibration and maintenance. So, they cannot provide you high level of accuracy and throughput. However, load volume scanners, portable and on-board truck scales offer you the best services.

Portable Truck Scales

You can use portable truck scales in various locations because they are transportable and mobile. These types of scales are manufactured with a high degree of accuracy and a low profile. Portable truck scales come with different capacities, configurations, specifications and lengths to meet the needs of various applications, which include construction, farming and mining.portable truck scale wheel weigher

Portable truck scales have lots of advantages than traditional truck scales. They can withstand several tons of weight and are overload protected. They are equipped with removable ramps, which are helpful for protecting them from adverse terrain. You can use them very easily because of their low profile design.

On-Board Truck Scales

On-board truck scales are the most cost-efficient and effective way to monitor and measure weight of trucks. External weighing system is not required for seeing. These systems are extremely versatile, so they are useful for a wide variety of applications and on different trucks. Cab digital indicators in on-board truck weighing systems help to make payload management easy.

It is critical to select the best and right truck scale. Selection of a wrong scale comes with lots of disadvantages, such as inaccurate reading, heavy wear and tear, wastage of time and money, etc. If you want to avoid all these drawbacks, you must select the best and right truck scales.


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