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5 Advanced Payload Scales for Mining Trucks & Equipment

Accurate weight data is essential for almost all business in the mining industry. Weight provides valuable and vital information concerning the efficiency, regulatory compliance, and profitability of a mining company's efforts. 

mininh haul truck scale

To ensure accurate data measurement in a mining context, the strength, reliability, and consistency of the weighing equipment are paramount considerations. A weighing system should work consistently and accurately in the most demanding situations. For this reason, a variety of weigh scales systems have been developed to support such needs. Below we delve into some of the most advanced and highly-utilized weigh scales systems that help mining companies thrive.  

Haul Truck Scales

Haul truck scales can provide load data for individual loads loaded into trucks or the gross weight and the net weight of the load. Most haul truck scales have custom integrated weighing mechanism that isolate the truck bed from truck chassis (otherwise known as on-board truck scales.) As a result, you can have these systems installed with weight indicators/terminals in the truck cab. Some may also have communication system using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and also software systems for data collection and analysis.

Wheel Loader Scales wheel loader scale

Wheel loader scales, or specifically, front-end wheel loader scales, are usually with a purpose of combining accurate and consistent weight readings to increase the productivity of mining operations. Mostly the wheel loader scales will allow basic weight reading, will show the target loads and also log the data in a standard way. Depending on your need, you can also get front-end loader scales with added features like wireless data managed through a Wi-Fi, in-built reverse cameras, and product recognition.

Conveyor Belt Scales

In a mining site, you can use the conveyor belt scale to guaug the mass and flow rate of the material moving over a conveyor belt of any length. The system has to be on a supported straight section of belt, which has no vertical or a sideways curvature and as close to level as possible.

conveyor belt scale

Also the weighed support remains vertically and horizontally aligned with the supports to avoid any tensile forces in the system. The output data from the conveyor scales systems is usually pulses showing increase in mass or an analog signal to show the proportional flow rate. Learn more abut on-board conveyor belt scales and click here.

Rail Scales

Rail scale technology can streamline transportation and the processing procedures of minerals as they remain on rails. You can install rail scales them directly on train rails for weighing any freight cargo and all the minerals extracted from the ground. By combing the rail scale placement with the rail transport, your recording work will be easier.

rail scales

Articulated Truck Scales

To reduce the number of trips you may require to transport loads and material, you may integrate articulated truck scales on your articulated trucks. Additionally the articulated truck scales for sale will assist your mining company in reducing fuel costs and all the bottlenecks involved in weighing loads with the use of an external scale system.articulated truck scales

The supply of minerals is one of the challenges faced by mining industries as the demand constantly increases. Typically any mining company maximizes its operations to meet the demand from their customers and that from the emerging markets.

Within the mining site, the weighing scales and system should help you in monitoring efficiency in your load management operations as well as recording all the operations to determine the level of income. Mostly truck scales have to be strong enough to withstand all the tough conditions expected in the mining centers.


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