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3 Mining Truck Scales Designed To Endure Tough Conditions

Heavy duty truck scales are advanced weighing systems that enable mining companies (and other types of businesses) to carry out payload weighing operations with greater efficiency and accuracy. Mining truck scales are intricately designed to provide very accurate and reliable measurements even in harsh weather and climatic conditions. Such advanced weighing systems are manufactured to tolerate mud, moisture, variable temperatures, and other harsh conditions, which enable these machines to work continuously throughout the year without requiring constant calibration.mining truck scales

Mining truck scales come in many forms. Most of them also has innovative software that make data analysis and tracking more efficient. Examples of mining truck scales that have assisted payload management in harsh climatic and weather conditions include: portable axle scales, weighbridge truck scales, and on-board truck scales.

Portable Axle Scalesportable mining truck axle scales

Portable axle scales are designed to provide heavy duty weighing in variable environmental conditions and in different locations. These portable mining truck scales are mostly made of stainless steel and, therefore, they are highly durable and easy to maintain. They are also portable, affordable and provide highly accurate weighing results. These portable axle scales are appropriate for weighing huge vehicles, heavy axle loads among other heavy duty loads.

Portable axle scales come with weighing pads, automatic weighing terminal, and ramps. The digital weighing terminal has internal receipt printer for actual time processing and also printing from different locations. It also has the digital scale processor. Finding out the weight of different products at different locations is a difficult process but portable axle scales are the best solution. They are weighing systems that can be used easily in different fields with minimum cost.

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridges truck scales used by commercial farmers and other large heavyweight scales for large volume applications. Weighbridge truck scales significantly reduce workload and they are highly efficient. These scales are designed with heavy-duty components, making them long-lasting and easy to maintain. Since accuracy and efficiency are the prime consideration in weighing heavy-duty loads in industries, weighbridges offer a great solution for high-volume mining operations.weighbridge mining truck scale

Some truck scale weighbridge manufacturers offer open-pit and above ground models depending on the application. This can help mitigate moisture and other harsh elements that can wear on the scale. The downsides to weighbridge truck scales is that they are costly and cumbersome, in addition to being static or fixed to one location.

On-board Truck Scales on-board mining truck scales

On-board truck scales fitted onto trucks and they are designed to increase the payloads weighing efficiency. On-board weighing systems use load cells and modern digital indicators that show the weight at all times. They also have visual and audible set-points that enable those who use it to take advantage of the payloads.

On-board mining truck scales contain many load cell sensors which are fixed to the truck body and chassis for accurate measurement of the truck weight. These scales are connected to the truck ignition system to make the active all the time when the vehicle is in use. The digital readout shows the weight of the truck all the time when the vehicle engine is on. It has three set points that act as a warning whenever it is manipulated. These set points are fixed through a plug-in keypad. This plug-in keypad is removed when the scale is ready for use.

These mining truck scales provide accurate weight measurements in all environmental conditions at an affordable cost. Moreover, these scales are cheap to maintain and highly durable.

There are other new innovations like the load scanner. This device has cut down the cost of production in mining industries by providing a 3D laser scanning solution that uses volume metrics to determine weight. As the ultimate alternative to truck scales, the load scanner 3D scanning machine employs modern technology and advanced software. The load scanner for mining applications is highly accurate with very minimal errors. This device can be used with other weighing systems.


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