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Load Position Monitoring: Volume Load Scanner Technology

Volume Load Scanner for Load Position Monitoring

Managing load position in mining truck beds can be a very difficult task. Proper loading is imperative to maintain accurate load distribution and reducing machine component damage. Mining operators need an accurate and seamlessly integrative volume load scanner system to help optimize the management truck bed load positions.

volumetric truck scanner

The Solution

Walz Scale develops a 3D imagery system (voluem load scanner) to scan loaded mining truck body's and trays in motion. This volume load scanner system incorporate new laser technology that provides real time feedback to dispatch and shovel operators.

The Advantages

With the 3D volume load scanner system engineered by Walz Scale, customers can realize many advantages.

  • In-Motion Load Scanning
  • 3D Load Images
  • Real Time Data

Load Scanner

Jack Stand Scales for Mining Sites

The Problem

Jack Stand Scales

The commissioning of new trucks and maintaining accurate empty weight measurement can be very difficult on large mining trucks. Maintaining accurate empty weights are are however extremely important in managing proper carried payloads. 

The Solution

Walz Scale develops a saddle scale system for jack stands. The jack stand scale enables mine sites to use their existing hydraulic jack or lift stands to capture extremely accurate empty vehicle weights.

The Advantages

With the portable jack stand scales engineered by Walz Scale, customers can realize many advantages.

  • Capture Accurate Empty Vehicle Weights
  • Portable Design
  • Use Your Existing Lift Stands
  • Simple to Use

Saddle Scale System

AXM Series Portable Axle Scale System

The Problem

OTR Tire Manufactures, OTR Truck Manufacturers and Large Mining Operations look to Walz to develop a scale system that can be transported easily from site to site, allowing for weighing of Ultra Class Trucks.

The Solution Portbale Axle Scales

Walz Scale designs and builds the AXM Series of portable mining axle scales, with capacities up to 1000 Tons per axle. These portable axle scales allow for easy transport and weighing of mining trucks up to ultra class, and provide superior accuracies and technology advantages.

The Advantages

As a result of the AXM series of portable axle scale systems put in place by Walz Scale, the customer realized the following benefits:

  • Fully Portable
  • Light Weight
  • Low Profile
  • Capacities up to 1000T
  • Fully Digital
  • Field Tested & Proven

Portable Axle Scale System


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