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Load Scanner Makes Payload Management Easier for Mining

Just recently, the Walz Load Scanner was unveiled via its new website The incredible features, capabilities, and value of the Walz Load Scanner system have attracted the interest of companies involved in payload management, specifically in construction, mining, and farming operations. Load Scanner for mining

The Walz Load Scanner helps to ensure that haul trucks are sufficiently loaded all while calculating and measuring the volume of loads for payload valuation. This is made possible by the load scanner as the system can scan and produce a 3D image of the trucks and their contents while passing through the scanner.

In short, the Walz Load Scanner is revolutionizing the mining industry by offering a highly-efficient and affordable means to manage payloads. Below are some of the specific features provided by this cutting-edge load scanner system.

3D Load Volume Scanning and Imaging

The scanned images are reviewed on the load scanner and analyzes the contents on the spot. Also, all images could be reviewed, and it's possible to determine if there are any concerns about the movement of the vehicle.

Load Scan Options load scanner

A load scanner could be utilized into two different load options when accessing the vehicle's load volume and capacity. It could work with scans for when the vehicle is filled with payload or when it's empty.

The program of this load scanner is user-friendly and it could help in managing different controls that allow unmanned functions while loading the information. Compared to heavy-duty and more expensive Payload management scales and systems, the Walz Load Scanner is unparalleled.

Advantages for Payload Management

The Walz Load Scanner offers a very affordable payload management solution as compared to other systems. Likewise, installing a load scanner is relatively cheaper than the cost of weighbridges, making the site more efficient and simple.

Accurate Load Volume Calculations

Unlike other forms of payload valuation and management, the system by Walz could minimize the uncertainties, as well as the variables in compaction, moisture content, and load variation. In a nutshell, it could provide accurate calculations without the use of simple guessing or old school methods.

Flexible and Durable

Due to the fact that the Walz Load Scanner was built to the highest standards, it's proven to endure decades of use in construction, mining, and other production operations. Likewise, it could be easily installed on any local scanning site, access driving, or adequate haul road.

Reliable Functionality

The performance of Walz is really dependable and reliable, especially in the most remote environments, and even in extreme conditions. The load scanner could last for years without the need of scheduled servicing or recalibration.

Optimized Efficiency

It could be installed on the site and be operated on the same day. Also, once in operation, the Walz Load Scanner could make calculations in just a few seconds and the data could be accessed using the advanced software solutions.

Functionality of the Walz Load Scanner

The Walz Load Scanner is considered to be one of the best load scanner system available. It has a lot of functions that make it truly promising. Check out the video, or read on to learn more

The load manage software allows the user to create a 3D layout of the items to be measured and this would show the information on things, such as any compaction in the space, how the materials are loaded, and whether there would be any spillage. Furthermore, all the data could be delivered in a wireless manner to a mobile device or computer who has the same software installed. Lastly, the key is to link the device to the scanners so that all the data could be easily analyzed on the device.

How the Load Scanner Works

Load image

The Load Scanner System functions with the following steps:

1) An empty truck would be scanned with a series of 3D lasers.
2) The information would be calculated by a computer and it'll analyze the intensity and depth of a load. Then, it'll create a 3D image of it.
3) The information would be stored in the device's memory storage.

Load tickets could also be produced by the load scanner system and these are important for analyzing the data on each load that comes. It could be used for reporting on items and ensuring that the clients would be billed properly.


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