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Load Volume Scanner Pays Dividends for Mining Operations

The load volume scanner seamlessly provides a highly accurate volumetric load scanning solution which is quickly becoming the new standard for payload management among mining companies. Basic in its very nature, the load volume scanner is very simple to install and operate, and its quickly earning a reputation as the best alternative to traditional load weighing systems and truck scales.

load volume scanner for mining companies

Although not an actual weigh scale, the load scanner systematically converts volume metrics into weight metrics in seconds, enabling mining operators to determine payload values, as well as optimize load distribution in haul trucks and other load bearing vehicles.

The cost-effective alternative to the installation of heavy-duty truck scales allows operators to view high-definition, 3-dimensional images of the truck loads. Further, the scanner is compatible with all types of computer systems and mobile devices.

The revolutionary load volume scanner is ideal mining companies that are involved in high-volume payload management operations in several ways. These are as follows:

An Affordable Payload Management Solution

In many situations, installation of a scanner costs less than 50% of the cost of installing fixed weighbridges. They require very little maintenance and minimal calibration compared to other systems. Additionally, the job site remains organized, efficient and simplistic.

Accurate Payload Data On-The-Fly

In the case of operations where the cubic volume of a load is the key metric required, the scanner delivers reliable and accurate data. Unlike other systems, it minimizes not only uncertainties but also variables such as load variation, compaction and moisture content.

load volume scanner technology

Optimize Efficiency & Throughput

The truck load scanner can be installed at the site and put into operation the same day. Once the scanner is operational, it just takes seconds to assess payload data. Further, it is possible to access data in real-time from remote locations with the help of advanced software solutions.

Trucks need not be stopped in order to take measurements. Load data is generated and recorded as the trucks pass seamlessly across the scanner. For large operations wherein hundreds of truck loads are to be weighed on a daily basis, the scanner system may be the ideal solution.

Portable & Durable Load Volume Scanner

The load volume scanner from is built to the highest quality standards. It is capable of withstanding tough working environment in construction, mining and other rugged industrial sectors. The volumetric load scanning system can be installed in dedicated local scanning sites, access driving places or any adequate haul roads.portable load scanner

Another key aspect as far as the load volume scanner is concerned is its portability. In just a matter of minutes, the system can be disassembled, moved to another location and assembled. This feature is important for companies involved in mining and excavation activities as they may have many weighing sites.

Monitor Truck Load Positioning

Truck scales can be used only to weigh loads. On the other hand, the scanner provides another valuable metric. This is the volume data. The 3D volume imagery produced by the scanner for each load passing below it enables operators not only to monitor but also pinpoint the inadequacies in truck loading.truck load position

Over time, this can greatly improve the bottom line of any business. Summarizing, the load volume scanner is a highly cost-efficient investment and provides good returns on investment for many companies, especially for payload management and mining operations. Moreover, it is easy for operators to use the scanner.


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