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On-board Conveyor Belt Scale: Increased Throughput and Efficiency

The utilization of on-board conveyor belt scale systems for mining and other recourse aggregators continues to rise in the industry. This can be attributed to the fact that mining companies are really focusing on boosting throughput and efficiency while minimizing overhead costs in their operations.

Also, such companies continue to cut down on the time wasted when truck loads are weighed from a single scale unit or weighing station. By leveraging on-board conveyor belt scales, mining companies can measure payload weights in much shorter periods of time.

On-Board Conveyor Belt Scale Systems

The on-board conveyor belt scale was introduced in the mining industry as a way to address the shortfalls of conventional weighing technologies found in mines and plants, especially production rates and throughputs. This type of mining scale comes fully integrated onto different pieces of mining equipment, such as conveyor belts or onboard rails.

on-board conveyor belt scales

Conveyor belt scale systems typically feature a highly effective electronic or pressure-aided device that facilitates the determination of the loaded weight of materials on the conveyor belt. Essentially, this allows weight measurements to be calculated directly on the actual conveyor belt or piece of equipment without disrupting the operation, thus providing a number of exceptional benefits, including:

  • More convenient alternative to the in-ground scale
  • High efficiency
  • Increased throughput
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Dependable production data and more

Modern conveyor belt scales feature state-of-the-art features, including multiple scale units and communication protocols that can be controlled via a single interface controller, impressive interface features that make it easy to control and interpret the information as displayed and a robust scale design that allows for extreme accuracy and durability for mining operations.

Increased Throughput and Efficiency with Conveyor Belt Scales

conveyor belt scaleThe main benefit of on-board conveyor belt scales is that it helps maximize the efficiency and throughput for mining operations. Unlike conventional in-ground scales, on-board conveyor belt scales truly optimize the levels of efficiency for various mining operations and weighing systems. They significantly reduce the time needed for measuring payloads as the loads can be tracked in “real time” during conveyor transport.

On-board weigh scale systems for conveyor belts also help mining companies to save time and money. By allowing weighing of materials to be performed when those materials are passing through the conveyor belt or other piece of mining equipment, these systems help companies minimize downtime by eliminating any redundant or unnecessary stages in the payload process.

In addition, on-board conveyor belt scale systems come with cutting-edge technologies and solutions that further help reduce operating costs and boost productivity. Among such technologies are the scale 3D volumetric scanning solutions, which have proven to be an invaluable tool for mining operations.

This technology enables mining companies to troubleshoot and monitor effectively various aspects of their mine operations, including material density, material fragmentation, load position and bed volume. Such payload data can be used to design and implement appropriate management solutions to reduce wasted resources and improve operational efficiency.


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