Rail Scale Technology: Innovation for Mining & Resource Extractors

Rail Scale TrainIn today’s highly competitive, resource-constrained world, any competitive advantage must be seized and exploited as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This is doubly true for businesses that deal directly with minerals, fossil fuels, and other natural resources. The competition in these industries is fierce, and businesses must do whatever they can do give themselves an advantage, whether in the extraction, transport, or sale of resources.

Massive industry leaders spend billions of dollars every year in an effort to improve their extraction and payload management techniques, while finance firms and international competition have a strong hold on the pricing and selling techniques of these resources. Therefore the best and most feasible way to improve operations and scale profitability is in the transportation of natural resources.

Mining Innovation: All-in-One Weighing & Transport

While trucking and other traditional shipping methods have a strong grip on the transportation of most natural resource, rail and train transport is still an important facet of this industry. Extractors load their bounty of minerals onto rail cars, where they are often then shipped to a processing facility, weighed, and transported again to be sold. But what if firms could streamline this processing by combining rail transportation and weighing of their resources? This is where rail scales come in.

Rail Scales

Rail scales are exactly as they sound - rail weigh scales which are located directly on train rails and used to weigh freight cargo and minerals extracted from the ground. It streamlines the transportation and processing procedures of mineral and resource companies in an extremely effective way, by combining the rail transport and the scale placement and weighing of cargo.

Rail Scale WeighbridgeRather than requiring mining and other resource companies to purchase and maintain a separate industrial truck scale for all incoming freight and cargo, a rail scale system allows these firms to cut out these purchase and maintenance costs, including the cost of hiring dedicated workers to operate and maintain the on-site scale.

This combination of weighing and transportation vastly alleviates the difficult logistics involved in hauling the minerals mined from the extraction site to the client’s vehicles. Not only are the cost benefits attractive, but the time that rail scales save mining companies is an even more important advantage.

Optimized Throughput, Efficiency, & Production

Rail Scale SystemIn our globalized world, any advantage a firm can create for itself is felt in its bottom line, and therefore in the bottom line of its competitors. If firm A is able to extract, weigh, transport, and sell its minerals in two weeks, while firm B can do the same thing in ten days, firm B is therefore able to extract and sell more resources, and win more contracts with more clients.

Rail scales are a great way to attain this leg up on the competition, because they decrease the time needed to weigh and process minerals and other natural resources. So while the cost of a rail scale weighbridge system may scare off some mining and shipping companies, savvy management knows that any competitive advantage is useful in our competitive marketplace, and therefore rail scales will make them more money in the long term.


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