Portable Wheel Weighers As Efficient Mining Scale Systems

Portable wheel weighers are also commonly known as "truck axle scales" or sometimes "portable truck scales." Wheel weighers are designed to calculate the weight of trucks, but in most cases the load weight that a truck is carrying. portable wheel weighers

Portable wheel weighers can serve a two-fold purpose. The first is to determine the exact weight of the trucks to ensure that they're within the maximum weight limit for roadways. The second is to offer a means to calculate load weight (or payloads) of the contents in which a truck is hauling.

As a result, wheel weighers are suitable for applications in many different fields and industries, such as mining, farming, shipping and freight.

Wheel Weighers for Mining Operations

Most mining operations make use of hauling trucks with large and heavy tires. There is a constant need to weigh these vehicles to determine payload weights of the resources in which they are hauling.

For this reason, mining operations demand an accurate means for payload weighing and management. Unlike other mining truck scales, these portable wheel weighers are the most efficient in the form of investment for mining companies. Some of the reasons why they make the best choice among portable truck scales include the following:

  • Wheel weighers are relative affordability: Some of the other scales that include those found in weigh stations are way too costly in relation to the expected returns. With the portable scales, it is not necessary to make constant trips to the stations. It makes it possible to save as they can also work in a broad range of terrain.
  • Wheel weighers provide portability: The ability to move these scales from one location to another is amazing. This gives them an upper hand over the other scales in the industry. They are able to weigh when the trucks are both on-road and off-road. Therefore, they provide a high level of consistency in terms of ensuring that the truck safety regulations are observed at all times.
  • Flawless scale design: Wheel weighers are developed in a unique design that gives them the ability to weigh huge OTR tires. Wheel weighers are constructed with an oversize that offers them greater ability to weigh the tracks off road at whichever location of your choice.

The mining industry is among those that bring in huge amounts of return and wealth to many areas. Taking part in the activities in this industry is bound to be a huge investment. Owing to this, highly innovative and technologically advanced machinery should be used for efficiency and accuracy.

One of these is the portable wheel weighers that help in reducing the inconveniences of having to weigh the huge vehicles and the tires at designated places. As such, they are among the best scales for mining sites since they ensure that the work continues smoothly at whatever stage of the production.


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