Ultra-Portable Scale System for Remoting Payload Management

The Problem

Managing payloads on mining equipment in remote locations can be very difficult if not impossible. Caterpillar looks to Walz to develop an ultra portable weighing system for managing truck payloads in remote global locations. 

The Solution Portable Truck Scale

Walz Scale develops our AXW-M series of portable weighing pads. These portable weighing pads are built entirely of aluminum and provide accurate weights on vehicle axles up to 44 tons. Used primarily for articulated and underground mining trucks, these scales are fully portable and can moved by hand.

The Advantages

With the portable scale systems developed by Walz Scale, Caterpillar can take advantage of many benefits, including:

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Fully Portable
  • Waterproof
  • Static & In-Motion Weighing
  • Battery Operation

Portable Weighing Pads


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