On-Board Truck Scales: Advanced Efficiency for Payload Management

There are many types of mining trucks used in excavation, lifting, loading and transportation of minerals and compounds. Miners rely on accurate measurement of minerals and materials to ensure transportation losses are minimized and payload valuation is fluid and precise. Mining operations also use payload measurements to avoid overload violations and penalties.

on board scales mining trucks

Ensuring extracted resources and minerals are accurately measured will allow maximization of output and there are several scales used in accomplishing this. On-board truck scales have become very popular and almost indispensable especially for those involved in large-scale mining activities.

The Possibilities of On-board Scales

On-board truck scales can be installed on skid steers, carts and loading trucks to quickly capture the weights and volumes passing through them. Some scales will only read measurements from a still cart or truck while most modern truck scale systems can read weights of carts in motion. They basically refer to modern measurement and scaling units or systems applied in the mining sector to enable accurate, quick and seamless measurement of excavated ores and minerals.

See the video below of how on-board scales installed on articulated trucks are making the mining industry more efficient by eliminating needless trips to weigh trucks at an external truck scale or weigh station.

On-board scales can be used during excavation, lifting, loading, transportation and off-loading of ores and minerals. There are different types of on-board scales used by miners today. All of them serve the same purpose, which is to provide ultimate accuracy and efficiency in measurement. Some on-board scale systems are more advanced than others and feature integration of computer technologies to improve performance.On Board Truck Scales

Wireless scales for example characterize high-end technology that allows quick measurement and effortless rendering of reading. A typical on-board scale used in truck and cart measurement feature three main parts; the sensors, processor and display.

The sensors quickly capture readings of weights of passing trucks and carts. Processors basically calculate accuracy of reading and render the information to displays that can be easily read. Other features include memory for information storage and keeping tracking records.

The Value of On-board Truck Scale for Mining

Minerals are very precious materials whose production is characterized by prohibitive expenses and overwhelming labor. Ensuring accurate measurement of all minerals is therefore a priority for any miner. However, other scaling methods require additional monitoring labor and may take a lot of time to establish reading.

Since the mining sector requires optimization of extraction and efficiency at work, systems that allow quick and accurate measurement are a goldmine. On-board truck scales used for mining can significantly streamline the mining process, reduce time spent in taking readings and guarantee accuracy. These scales allow miners to focus on other processes such as excavation and refinement. The scales also have small memory capacities that keep relevant information such as total trucks or carts measured and total weights recorded.

These metrics can be used to analyze other aspects of the business and in making important decisions. You can easily truck production over time without any difficulties. In the mining locations, efficiency, time optimization and accuracy are the three main sought qualities and this is what on-board scales bring into the process.

There are various types of onboard truck scales used in mining. It is important to keenly assess the scale and identify whether it suites your needs. Modern scales that characterize computer technologies are the recommended choice mainly because of their efficiencies. It is always important to ensure the scale fits perfectly on the truck, cart or skid steer as this enables accurate reading.


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