In-Motion Rail Scale Systems for Advanced Mining Operations

In-motion rail scale systems are one of the more latest and greatest weighing technologies used in advanced mining operations. In-motion rail scales deliver powerful advantages for mining companies needing to weigh payloads accurately and motion rail scale system

But how exactly do these weighing systems work and how is the technology integrated in today's mining operations? Below we go into detail about the functionality and the advantages of using in-motion rail scale systems over other static system.

The Value of In-Motion Rail Scale Systems for Mining

In-motion weighing systems record vehicle weights and axle loads by using advanced weighing technology. The gross weights are measured as the vehicle rolls over a specific site used for measuring. When it comes weighing vehicles by using in-motion rail scales, the system is set up to measure the weight of rail cars that are in motion.

This advanced rail scale system saves a lot of time since the rail car getting weighed does not have to come to a standstill first. Furthermore, the rail car does not have to be taken off the rails. Buy using this type of scale systems, the weighing process is much more effective and efficient. You can learn more about in-motion rail scale systems by visiting

Seamless Rail Scale Installation

In-motion rail scale systems can be installed in as little as 30 minutes at any location on the track. This installation includes advanced weighing software that further guarantees accurate measurements and allows better management and reporting procedures for mining operations. While installing the in-motion rail scale does not require any kind of special training, it is recommended to have an experienced technician complete the installation.

in motion rail scale installation

These systems can also be portable. Known as "Portable Train Weighers" (PTW), rail cars can be weighed without having to modify and part of the rail. When installing the PTW, all it takes is finding a spot on the rail, assembling the PTW and properly positioning and securing it onto the track.

How In-Motion Rail Scale Systems Work

There are two basic components to the in-motion rail scale weighing system:
1) The track-side components which consist of computing devices, software and a power source
2) The rail-mounted components which consist of sensors and cables

These components work together to measure the weight of a vehicle on specified parts of the track. A detecting device captures the statistical data. This data provides information such as the weight of the vehicle and whether the vehicle is overloaded or off balance. These are very important factors because if the vehicle is overloaded or imbalance, the load would be deemed unsafe.

Advantages of In-Motion Rail Scales for Mining Operations Systemsin motion rail scale

There are many advantages with in-motion rail scale systems as opposed to traditional mining scales where vehicles have to first come to a standstill. Some of these advantages include:

  • Highly effective and accurate means of measurement and reporting
  • Highly efficient in-motion rail scales
  • Reduces chances of derailment
  • Increases safety during weighing processes
  • Rail cars can stay on the tracks while being weighed
  • Utilize advanced weighing software for further accuracy
  • In-motion rail scales are easy to install and operate
  • Rail scale systems can save time, energy and money
  • These scale systems maximize rail car loading
  • Reduces instances of overloading fines

When it comes to weighing systems, the advantages of using an in-motion rail scale in the payload management process is the best bet. Mining companies can use this cost effective, accurate and safe means for weighing vehicles on any track at any location.


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